A revolutionary Smart way to cable BCF yarns in line with heat setting that will completely eliminate one step of the conventional process.


  • cabling and heatsetting in 1 process
  • maximum bulk after heatset
  • good tip definition
  • cabling directly from extrusion packages
  • endless styling possibilities
Brochure SmarTwist®


  • The main advantage of the SmarTwist® is that cabling becomes a part of the heatsetting process, without adding any additional labor at the heatsetting process. This is possible because the processpeed of twisting is equal to the heatsetting speed and thanks to the use of extrusion packages a continuous process is possible.
  • SmarTwist® reduces the footprint of the complete cabling and heatsetting process in half.
  • Very compact and space saving design, without jeopardizing the accessibility for operators or technicians.
  • The twist speed is the same as the heatset speed, with twist levels between 50 and 250 tpm. The actual speed depends on the yarn (yarn count, material, number of ends and tpm).
  • The machine is equipped with a touch screen as operator interface.

Technical specifications

Material PP, PA & PES BCF yarns
Yarn count 600 to 20.000 dTex
Layout   800, 900 or 1000 mm
Number of modules 4 to 48 per heatset line
Twist speed  up to 450 m/min.
Twist level 50 to 250 tpm