Module for the UniWinder DynaJet which allows air twisting of BCF or technical yarns.

Video UniWInder DynaJet


  • Each module is Independent or can be grouped.
  • Unlimited stylings possibilities
  • Air twisting directly from extrusion packages
  • 2 up to 6 ends twisted together in a 1 step process
Brochure UniWinder DynaJet


Air twisting module for carpet yarns.

  • Twisting up to 6 ends at high speed of BCF & CF yarns.
  • Individual modules placed on a  UniWinder DynaJet machine.
  • Low air consumption.
  • Full process control with Hyperion and Orion control system.
  • Flexible, modular construction.

Technical specifications

Material                                               Filament yarns – BCF and/or CF

Yarn count                                         600 to 10.000 dTex

Layout                                                  800 of 1000 mm

Speed                                                    up to 700 m/min.

Number of yarns per module     2 to 6